Lotus Belle Tent

I want to share this great video with you that I came across while browsing the internet.  This is a wonderful little video about a man who is living in a beautiful Lotus Belle Tent while he is in the process of building his permanent tiny house.

While this is meant only as a temporary home, I can see this as viable option for living as well.  Many people live in years year round, and I think that might be possible in these beautiful tents as well.

The owner is also an incredible bargain-hunter and a talented re-purposer of things.  Check out the video now, then let me know what you think in the comments below!  I found it to be lovely and amazing!


Financing Tiny Homes, Breaking the Barrier to Home Ownership


Financing Tiny Homes is Now a Reality!

Financing tiny homes is now a reality, making it a much more viable option for home ownership.  Many people turn to living smaller because of financial necessity.  Others choose it not out of necessity Financing tiny homesbut rather as a desire to live more economically.  This allows for more discretionary spending.  With a samller portion of income devoted to shelter, there is more money for other, more important things in our lives.

In the early years of the tiny house movement, people had to have the money up front in order to build their tiny homes.  So, most people built their own tiny homes in order to reduce costs and make it an affordable option.  Many of the builders used recycled and

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Tiny living in a geodesic dome, a concrete solution?

As I have stated in some previous posts, I am not just a fan of living smaller or of tiny homes, but also of alternative building modes and materials, many that are more gentle on the earth.  This is just a short post to share a new alternative that I have just discovered.

Today, I ran across a new kind of tiny house, a geodesic dome home.  Not just any geodesic domes, but domes made out of concrete that are hurricane and tornado resistant!  I have to say I am impressed.

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My Top Six Tips for Living in a Small Home

Whether you are living in a tiny house on wheels, a small bungalow or cabin, or even a small apartment, there are things you can do to make it feel more spacious and comfortable.  We all want to feel at peace and relaxed in our homes and I hope my tips will help you to maintain those feelings.

Here are my six tips for living in a small home comfortably.

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Tiny House Movement is Going Mainstream!

When I first saw a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) about 6 years ago, I was instantly hooked on the idea,  I still don’t know if I can ever pare my life down enough to living in under 250 square feet, but I am still intriqued and love the idea of it, even if I cannot make it a reality…yet.

Over the past few years, I have watched this movement grow from its humble beginnings of “misfit adventurers” and wandering artisans, to a growing and now acceptable alternative housing choice.  In the beginning, people built their tiny homes either out of abject necessity or a desire to live more cheaply, or to live more gently on the earth.  There were some who built them to allow them to live a more vagabond experience while bringing the comforts of “home” with them.

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